LottaloveEmi 🐱💝💫🐾xxx May 5th, 2021

Leslie, you’ve been loving singing, from your childhood and you’ve been helping the socially vulnerable people probably because of your sad experiences. As for me, I have had been able to lead my everyday life sooo happily just to have you in my life and it was the most happiest time when I was doing anything involved with you , and I always wanted to do whatever might help you. So, with my love & gratitude for you , I donate. Hope this donation would not be the last thing I could do for you , and hopefully I would be able to find some way to keep expressing my love for you, my *Beloved&Precious* forever singing Scottish milk boy Leslie Richard McKeown.. P.S But, I still can’t and don’t want to believe that you had gone leaving me/us all alone’s too suddenly and too soon to accept it....really wish you were still there for me/us...I really miss you and always will , and hold you dear forever....., you’ve been much loved and so you will ... Whole Lotta love, Emi in Japan 🐱💞🌸💫🐾xxx. May 5, 2021