Elizabeth 25th April 2021

My heart is broken! Les was my first crush and his music saved me as a young teenager struggling to find her place in this world. His voice and the BCR started me on my love for music. I recently bought his book and read it and I related to so much of what he wrote about and went through. When I needed to feel comfort I would listen to the BCR music and his voice always brought me a sense of peace and calm. They were the first concert I ever went to. I am involved in music because of the impact they had on me and formed my love of music. I suffered from anxiety and depression my whole life. Music was my outlet. The last year with covid prevented us from playing and touring which has taken away my outlet. Everything I have ever heard about Les was that he was kind hearted. I hope he knew how loved he was. To Peko and Jubei my love and prayer to you both. May he rest in peace.