Yuko April 25th, 2021

Your beautiful voice and musical talent were truly the God’s given gifts. You used them to the fullest to give the world pure joy of music in the way no one else could. It’s unbearably difficult to think you are no longer with us to perform your brilliant gig again. At one fan event in recent years, I was a newly diagnosed cancer patient waiting to start chemotherapy. You comforted me in a way you understood what I was going through. You were so kind that you privately responded to my little occasional treatment updates during my treatment. You encouraged me to stay strong and courageous. I’ll always remember you as not only my beloved popstar but as a person of great compassion. My heart goes out to Peko and Jubei. May God bless you and give you peace and strength in this very difficult time. Thank you for sharing your wonderful husband and father for so many years with us.