Neil 28th April 2021

Les came from a council estate in Edinburgh to become the lead singer of the only two manias to create such overwhelmingly emotive and irrational responses in otherwise rational people. The only two manias in media music history were Beatlemania and Rollermania. He was no Lennon or McCartney but he was a cocky, charismatic and good looking fucker while the rest of the Rollers, apart from Alan were a waste of space. Unfortunately, Tam Paton who managed them was an evil cu** who did a deal with his paymasters of a certain religion, posing as lawyers and accountants and made sure Les and the rest got nothing in return for being the most popular band in the world at the time. I lived in Islington for 10 years and met Les in his local pub in Hackney, Islington around 2005 after the newspapers revealed his location during a court appearance. He was a full blown alcoholic and didn't have much time for anyone. In his past, he had killed a woman (road accident), his band mates grew to despise him, his parents had just died both within a month of each other and of course the Jewish led firms of accountants and lawyers had ripped him off (and the others) of more than £30 million each at least. Paton was the go between the band and the devil. The millions that were earned would have been siphoned off to shell companies via Luxembourg to the Cayman Islands and the people behind it all would have had names like Rosenberg, Goldstein, Freedman etc. Les was a fantastic down to Earth person. His pain was utterly immeasurable. He went from a world superstar feted and treated like royalty to a down and out bum getting into fist fights in the East End of London. The psychological damage must have been catastrophic. Parents dying and tragic accidents are things you can deal with in time but people conspiring together to make their fortunes from you while pretending to be your friends while you were trusting them isn't easy. Check out ''Who Got The Rollers Millions' documentary on YT. God bless you Les. You weren't exactly my cup of tea musically but you brought great joy to millions of people . You came up against the rancorous forces that have destroyed bands like Badfinger and ripped off the likes of Bowie, Stones and hundreds of other bands You took it on the chin against a massive force who were out to destroy you from the start. I hope there is salvation up there against those bastards.