Debby 6th May 2021

Hard to believe you are no longer with us Les, you and the Bay City Rollers came into my life when I was 10 years old. Unbeknown to you ,you were my save spot when my parents divorced 2 years later. I joined the army and was so excited to go to Edinburgh and walk the streets , a few years ago I introduced my daughter in law to you and the Rollers, her reaction was wow how much tartan is in this room, when you sang the bump she screamed and danced and laughed so much you had won a new fan. When you touched our hands that night in Cottingham she said she knew it meant more to me and she saw me in a different light, the light she saw in me was the same flame you it in every one in that room and everyone who ever saw you on stage or down the street. Thank you for getting me through bad times and sharing good times all through your songs. I will always sing your songs out loud and dance away as well I promise I won't ever let your music die. When I was 10 years old you filled a space in my life and heart and now at 56 years old my heart hurts to know I won't ever see you on stage again. To your family I want to say thank you for sharing you with me .