Akemi May 26th, 2021

26 May, 2021 It‘s Leslie’s Mayan Birthday today, Maya KIN163 Blue Night. It’s Super Moon, Total Lunar eclipse, Uesaku Festival... such a super day today. And at last I can write here. To Peko and Jubei, I don’t think I can feel enough how much sadness and hurt you have been facing since that day 20th April, Tuesday. Just thinking about it all, tears burst in my eyes now. It was all in sudden. Why should Leslie has to be gone leaving us? Maybe he does not know yet what’s happening, really. I bet that he’s gone but without any pain, as he wanted. Thank you Peko for your kindness giving your loved husband to us fans all through the years. No one could do the same but you. Since Leslie introduced you to me and my friends in summer 1981, I have admired you and I was very happy that you got married to Leslie in 1983. I always wanted you to be happy together with Leslie, and live long together good health. I never imagined the day to be apart would come so soon. Jubei, the first time I met you, it was summer 1984 in Edinburgh when you were 3 months pretty baby. Of course you won’t remember, but since then we met quite often till you became such a handsome beautiful youth at 17. And we talked sometimes on phone during you were staying in Tokyo. I have been missing you since then. Leslie, where are you? You must have known the day would come. You gave me all the happiness and memories all though the 45 years since I fell in love with you at first sight without knowing your name and even before I listen to your song/voice, especially since we have become good friends for 40 years, which was my teenage dream to be friends with you. I never dreamt to be your wife nor girlfriend but I wanted to be friends with you. And my dream has come true, you even gave me my lovely husband. It was my true happiness to be able to help you whenever whatever you wanted me, till the day before your passing away. I’m glad to hear your funeral was a quiet and peaceful one with your family, band members and close friends, that’s what I really hoped to be. Of course I was really sad that this corona situation made me not to come to London, but my spirit was right there to see you off. Your voice was the Bay City Rollers. Leslie McKeown was the Bay City Rollers with or without trademark, that’s the world admit after all. You have left us all those great happy songs, and sad songs too, which we will treasure forever and keep your legacy alive forever. It’s my lifelong motivation and rewarding. Please watch us from the above and beside us. I feel you always with me. And, I believe we will meet again when we reborn in the same era. So, please Rest In Peace until I come to you. I will always love you forever. Lots and lots of love, Akemi xxx 😘💕🕺