Tammy October 17th, 2021

I listened to The Bay City Rollers continuously in my pre-teen years, playing their records over and over. I listened with my friends, and my babysitter, all day long. Those songs are a part of me. The Bay City Rollers are a part of me. Over the years I lost touch with what was happening to them. Then after we got a computer I started researching. Then Facebook. Low and behold (I couldn't believe !), It was Les McKeown, live, active, singing, still doing gigs! He was on Twitter too, and I got on some of his live chats. In one he was driving, and looking at his chat comments. I commented that he should be careful while driving. I assume that he read it. I posted a video he made in what appeared to be a back yard of some kind. He talked about how he liked Trump. I loved him and still would've even if he were a liberal, but this was icing on the cake! I knew of an upcoming concert or two. I thought about going, but it was still very far away for me even in the states, but it was nice to know that it was possible. Covid happened, which postponed the concerts. He made more live chats. Then one day he was gone. I think, I hope, that I told him in a chat, that his voice in "You Made Me Believe in Magic", is the sexiest singing in a song I have ever heard, and I'm picky musically speaking. I feel the loss today, and I'm so glad I had a chance to interact with him while he was here. RIP, Les McKeown, and God bless your family.